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Launch - NZ job search aggregator

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Update (8 June 2007): Jobby has been taken offline for now. They received grief from a couple of established, well-known NZ job boards who did not give permission for their vacancies to appear on the site. This is very similar to the take down request that the recently established Australian job ads aggregator received from SEEK (as reported on ShortList) shortly after their 15 March 2007 launch.


Thanks Kristofer for leaving a comment on the Engage Blog and informing us about a new NZ job search engine named Jobby, currently in beta form.

I checked out the website and noticed first up how the concept behind Jobby isn’t new in a global sense and is similar to the established overseas job aggregators / vertical search engines such as SimplyHired and Indeed. This isn’t a bad thing.

The site developers describe Jobby as a “search engine for jobs, not a job board” that “…searches jobs listed on job boards, newspaper sites and niche sites.” Jobseekers run a search then click on the job titles to view the job detail, which takes them to the website listing the job. Unlike most job boards, the jobseeker cannot enter their CV and apply to jobs directly from Jobby. Also, Jobby is not involved with the actual application or hiring process for any search results.

Like Kristofer I feel there are potential copyright issues and possible ethical considerations inherent with job scraping. This very topic has been raised many times concerning the overseas job aggregators. I think in some ways Jobby has tried to offset some of these issues on its site and I believe that if all parties (including the originating client organisation) give permission then what’s the problem anyway. I find it quite funny that the “scrapers are now themselves starting to be scraped”.

Legal issues aside, I think the concept behind Jobby is very alluring. It’s great for jobseekers. They can search for vacancies across many sources all from one point of access. It’s very convenient indeed, especially as new NZ job boards are popping up all the time.

I think there are heaps of opportunities for Jobby to add additional features over time. I found the Beta version to be a bit sluggish, but I’m sure these types of issues will be ironed out. Maybe it is a matter of definition, but I’m not so sure if Jobby is Web2.0, as stated; well not in its present state at least. I wouldn’t even put the ability to save searches in the Web2.0 category. Maybe if they added RSS feeds then possibly it could look more Web2.0 in my eyes.

And the name “Jobby”? I wonder if the site developers know that it means something quite different in slang terms!

If any readers know of any other similar products in NZ then please let us know.

Paul Jacobs

Podcast - Effect of Social Media on Recruiting

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

powered by ODEO

I came across this podcast on the Bernard Hodes Group’s website in the US.  Shannon Seery Gude, their Director of Interactive Operations does a great job of explaining how technology advancements are starting to impact on the way companies communicate with their candidate pool and vice-versa.  In particular she talks about recruitment blogging (see previous Engage Blog on the topic) and how this emerging social media effects company image and candidate perceptions.  The podcast highlights what recruitment blogging is, how it works, and why it is important for you, as an HR professional, to be aware of.

Hey maybe Child, Youth and Family should look at setting up a recruitment blog.  This would help them put their own personal voice out there with jobseekers and counter (not directly) the negative comments on the controversial and anonymous “naming and shaming” CYF blog.  It will also enable CYF to showcase their employee value proposition (EVP) and create a dialogue with those considering a social work career and/or a social worker position with the organisation.  Just a thought.

Paul Jacobs