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Launch - Careerzone - for recruiters by recruiters

Friday, April 13th, 2007


I have been watching with interest the emergence of CAREERZONE.CO.NZ, a new job board that went live around the beginning of the year.  This is a job board with a difference - it is an initiative that is being spearheaded by recruitment agencies themselves.  It is as much an industry portal as a job board per se.  Only recruitment agencies and search firms can advertise via the site.  The site is gaining some leverage with 21 agencies now participating and 3799 jobs currently listed on the site.

The key drivers for Careerzone appear to be around re-gaining ownership of, and leverage in, the competitive market for talent.  There has been an undercurrent of concern for a while that the industry has been subsidising a potential competitive threat – namely, in Careerzone’s own words, the job boards owned by the big multi-national media companies.  Careerzone maintains that job boards like Seek are encouraging jobseekers to register their details on the job board’s database which is then in turn offered as a search service back to employers.  With Careerzone, jobseekers can apply specifically for a vacancy or register through the site and be notified via an email job alert when suitable vacancies are listed.  There appears to have been a lot of thought put into Careerzone’s service offer for agencies, with a tiered “Affiliate” programme - a trendy model overseas.

I envisage that the site will build a sizeable talent pool of jobseekers.  I believe this will help shift agencies from a reactive, “put a job on a job board” approach, to one of proactively marketing to a captured audience of jobseekers on an ongoing basis.  Agencies’ concerns that jobseekers will be exposed to other agencies could possibly be mitigated by the fear of losing control of the talent pool to other major job boards.  Part of the trick will be to get jobseekers to the site; this will most likely be achieved via the agencies’ own websites or, even more cleverly, via other job boards.  I see that a number of the Affiliates are using their existing online application systems in combination with Careerzone.  This could be a point of confusion for jobseekers, but I predict that agencies will most likely synthesize the process over time.  I also do not see that agencies, at least in the short term, will stop using the main job boards that are attracting a high level of jobseeker traffic.  Agencies have quite a high brand presence on the existing job boards and I believe they will be reluctant to give this up, especially if it is resulting in successful hires.

One bit of technology I like on the site is the vacancy search facility that provides search results as you type.


I look forward to watching the development of this industry-led initiative with interest.

Paul Jacobs