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The graduate round 2008 – NZ professional services firms (update)

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Just a quick update to the recent Engage Blog post that examined how New Zealand’s professional services firms were once again pitching themselves to grads through their 2008 grad careers sites.

First, an update on KPMG’s introduction of blogging features. As mentioned, grads were able to leave comments and questions at many points throughout the site. Did this pay off? There was always a risk of a Q&A ghost town, but grads have on the whole taken to it, asking some really good questions. It is good to read the dialogue between the grads and KPMG. I would liked to have seen some direct conversation in the ‘People profiles’ and video sections, similar to some overseas grad sites with blogging functionality, but nonetheless the KPMG grads obviously have questions prior to applying and it’s good that they had an online forum for this. Reading the dialogue may have quite possibly assisted other site visitors in their decision making.


Ernst & Young has very recently added a video to their site. Though it could stand out a bit more on the home page, it is an interesting watch and really brings their grad site to life. I found it introduced a number of employee value propositions (EVPs) that weren’t necessarily covered in the site’s text. The introduction of video lifts their grad site and provides more insight to the NZ E&Y culture. The YouTube version is below.

I recommend that the graduate coordinators check their grad careers sites on a regular basis. I say this as one firm needs to fix some broken links on their site and complete missing information about their upcoming careers fairs.

Paul Jacobs