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Reverse recruitment marketing on Facebook

Friday, October 3rd, 2008


Let’s be honest, employers and recruiters in NZ and overseas are still working out how to leverage Facebook to reach a potential audience of 132 million  (429,340 New Zealand) users.  I often hear people say Facebook members don’t want to be hassled by candidate hunters, when they’re in there to network with friends and family.  I’m not sure whether this is totally true.  Has anybody asked them?  The take up of the Ernst & Young US and Australia talent communities demonstrate otherwise.  I’m aware of grad recruiters who are considering ditching their traditional recruitment drives in 2009 to instead focus their efforts on platforms like Facebook.  Not only will we see some interesting third party applications to facilitate this process, employers and recruiters will become smarter in their pay-per-click advertising on Facebook newsfeeds etc. 

I came across a very clever experiment last month, in which grads turned the tables and targeted employers with Facebook ads.  What a clever and counter-intuitive proposition.  Check out the process, how it worked out for each of the participating grads, and suggested tips for others considering going down this track. 

Paul Jacobs