Deloitte New Zealand blazes a trail in social recruiting

December 3rd, 2009

My client, Deloitte New Zealand is breaking new ground, with a plan to join the likes of Shakira, Miley Cyrus and KISS in mashing live-streaming video with social networking. Fans of the Your Future at Deloitte (New Zealand) Facebook page will be able to watch and listen on Facebook to graduate recruits in the Consulting team, as they talk about their experiences and impressions. Better still, the student audience will be able to type in any questions for the team.

Deloitte is trying to show its human face and engage with potential summer interns and graduates. Technology provides options and opportunities to increase engagement with a jobseeker audience. Students have career choices, and these types of initiatives serve to help students get to know the firm, interact, ask questions, and be better informed about Deloitte as a career destination.

The live and interactive event will take place 4-4.30pm on Thursday 21 January 2010.

Deloitte New Zealand’s Facebook page launched in October and we will be rolling out further initiatives on the page in the coming weeks and months. To keep up to date with the evolution of this page, you can follow Deloitte on Twitter (@deloittegradsnz).

Facebook membership continues to grow, reaching the 350 million member milestone this week. New Zealand Facebook membership is over 1.1 million, with about 30 percent in the typical graduate age demographic (source:

Paul Jacobs

New Zealand Post’s careers site - my thoughts, your thoughts?

October 22nd, 2009


When a major employer within the Asia Pacific region refreshes their careers site, it’s worth taking a look. At first look I was really impressed with the strong branding - it feels fresh, modern and human to me. The site also showcases the diversity of roles, supported by video. OK, this is reading like an informercial. I must admit I have a soft spot for Post as I’m an ex-Poster, working in their HR team around 15 years ago.

As I delve further into the site, here are some other thoughts from me:

  • Though you get a sense of Post as an employer, and the culture and values of the organisation, I believe the EVPs in the ‘Why Join Us’ section could be presented better, especially when you click through to the Benefits section. This could be BNZ or Air New Zealand or Australia Post - just change logos. What really differentiates Post? If someone was working with another employer and came across the Post ‘Why Join Us’ section would they be motivated enough to apply - is the list of tangible benefits enough? What can Post deliver that other places do not? I don’t believe, from looking at their site, that Post has necessarily found the list yet (or even their hook) - what are the intangible benefits? If I was in Post’s shoes (and maybe they have done this) I would go to their employees and jobseekers and consult with them - but the right questions need to be asked. I would also re-frame the ‘five great reasons to work here’ away from being the employer’s perspective to an employee’s, and what they mean for an employee. One option is for employees to present this information, it would be more personal and visitors would be able to relate to it.
  • The video ‘a day in the life’ look into the Postie role is very good, but I’m not loving that TV / radio voice - a role-holder talking about the role is powerful, but the whole get a professional voice-over dude to talk about Post falls flat for me - not best practice in 2009’s youtube era.
  • I’m not singling out Post here, but I always find it disappointing when there are no conversational features on a careers site. The exchange on the Post site is one-way, presenting visual imagery and information. Could visitors potentially benefit from asking questions and interacting with the brand? Could other visitors benefit from seeing this exchange? I always remember Post as being strong at connecting with the wider community - that involves conversation. Some element of blogging is worth considering in my view. A brand is so much more than imagery and the printed word.
  • Did you notice the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube badges on the site? They are way down in the footer. I would make them more prominent on the page, as these sites provide ways for jobseekers to engage with Post, and learn more about Post, the culture, careers events etc. One option could be to add some of the streams from these sites to the the careers site - that would solve the conversation dilemma I outlined above. Just on the Facebook side of things, I would recommend Post set up a Page rather than a Group. Possibly Post wants control over who gets to participate, as you have to have your membership approved (which I’m waiting for btw), but there are many advantages in my opinion over going down the Page route for corporate branding (eg more customisation, adding applications, social ads, response management, SEO, and newsfeed advantages). I couldn’t see the “special FaceBook application to keep you up to date with the latest jobs” thingy mentioned on the site, but hope to see this if I get accepted into the group. If Post wants to make this an exclusive Group, then I believe Post should consider (if they haven’t already) that the trend is towards open communities and thinking of one’s organisation as a community.
  • I haven’t been privy to the strategising behind the site and the future plans, so my impressions may be a bit presumptuous. Nonetheless, I congratulate Post on a job well done!

    What are your thoughts?

    Paul Jacobs

    PS: Please feel free to share any careers sites that you particularly like.

    Originally posted on Recruitment 2.0 Asia Pacific

    Launch: Deloitte New Zealand’s branded Facebook page

    October 18th, 2009

    Deloitte NZ has launched a branded Facebook page, Your Future at Deloitte (New Zealand), to enable graduates and summer interns to get a glimpse into the Deloitte culture, engage directly with Deloitte, and gain the inside running on news and upcoming career events. Engage worked closely with Deloitte to develop and implement the page. To keep up to date with the evolution of this page, you can follow Deloitte on Twitter (@deloittegradsnz).

    Employers should consider Facebook as a platform to use in their recruitment and employer branding efforts. Facebook membership continues to grow (watch in real time), reaching the 300 million member milestone last month. The New Zealand audience is over 1.1 million, with about 30 percent in the typical graduate age demographic (source:

    Paul Jacobs